3 July 2006

An Affair in Montenotte

By Nilora

It was a beautiful night
I had a wonderful sight
I was watching football
But I never imagined
to be kicked like a ball

It was a night in Springtime
We were together in good time
It was a night Manchester United lost and Real Madrid won
It was a night I lost and they won
But I never imagined
to be judged as a guilty person

It was a day in Springtime
We were together at coffee time
It was a day I realised
Football was a source of scandal
I never imagined
to be forced into somebody's sandal

In Montenotte's hill,
Somebody said I have an affair with football
I said it is not fair at all
Somebody said one feels good
because the reality is right
I said the reality is right
because I feel good

Today in Ireland,
It is raining in summer days
Somebody feels sad in these days
because the reality isn't right
It is cold in summer days
I feel calm in these days
because I feel good.

Nilora, Cork, May 2003

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