23 July 2006

Pee: Men & Women

By Nilora

Bristol is a nice city. It’s a place that has many historical buildings. I presume all people in this historical city, by now, have learnt a lot about life from their “respectable” ancestors and have learnt a lot from wisdom of the past. I presume, therefore, that people in this so called “modern world”, “civilised beings” have great wisdom of lives to live in this present time and for the future.

However, I become to realise that I cannot be too naïve to categorise people as civilised or not, based on where they are or where they come from in our world. One’s behaviour, I think, is nothing to do with whether a person comes from the “first world” or the “third world” or one comes from a “developed” or a “less developed” countries.

Working in inner city parish like St. Mary’s on the Quay has helped me to understand more of this modern world. Tonight, as usual, I went to lock up the Church. From the door of the Church, I saw two smart and young good looking men doing their “sacred ritual”, pee on the wall of the Church. They were “like dogs”. I just stood there, and watched them and thought that the rain would come sometimes later on and cleaned it naturally. The two of them went away, probably, without shame. At that stage, I didn’t really want to lock up the gate, so I just watched passers by in front of the church. Few minutes later, another two boys went inside the gate and did the same thing. I was a bit angry and went to the gate, watching and waiting for them to get out from their “new loo”. One of them felt unease and he asked me: “are you going to lock up the gate?” I didn’t say anything. It was better to be quiet than to say something.

After sometimes, I just say to my self: “take it easy, man! Cheer up!” So, then I locked up everything and went to the hall and “the former café” (a crib) in the first floor, to tidy the place, after it was used by 200 members of a choirs group from Bath. Everything seemed to be fine until I was inside the ladies toilet. The toilet papers spread all over the place and every room in the toilet were wet. Wow… it was “puddle of pee”. (I never thought that it would happen in the ladies toilet, though). Then, I moved to the gents, expected to see the worst. Lucky me, everything was fine. I was thinking at that time, probably, the men and women exchange the loo (try to be positive, clever hah!). It didn’t help though.

So, that’s life. Now I can draw a very naïve conclusion: Men in this civilised world can pee anywhere “like dogs” and women don’t. But women in this modern world, when they have chance, can make the floors a “puddle of pee” and men cannot.

NB: This naïve reflection is just for today and tomorrow will be another day.

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