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A Journey to Unity: Embracing Caravan Life and Togetherness

Burnham-On-Sea Holiday Village, West Country, England By Fr Nilora SVD Never did I imagine that one day I would find myself residing in a caravan. Caravans had always been associated in my mind with the “travellers” of Ireland or the “gypsies” in other places. Yet, the opportunity I had never foreseen finally arrived. Caravan Chronicles: It all began with an invitation from my friends, my fellow parishioners, hailing from the Philippines. They asked me to join them on a holiday at the Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village, which is approximately an hour’s drive from Bristol. Our sojourn lasted from July 17 to July 19, 2006. We comprised four families, including 12 adults and 9 children. With four vehicles, we could comfortably accommodate our group of 21 people. Thankfully, no one was double-sized, although I was often teased by my friends with questions like, “How many months pregnant are you, ’Fr?” Still, I believed I could fit into a single regular seat. Caravan Comfort: Our accommodatio