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Unity Amidst Memories: A Remembrance Sunday

By Fr Nilora SVD On Remembrance Sunday, a unity day unfolds At Isleworth Memorial, our hearts hold We raise our voices, “O God, our help in ages past” The gospel echoes beatitude and love that forever last We pray for leaders guiding our land For those who harbor ill will, a prayer so grand Healing wounds from the shadows of the past Seeking a future where peace and love amass The trumpet’s melody on this solemn day Echoes our remembrance in a poignant way Wreaths and crosses, laid by young and old Unity prevailing, a story to be told Singing of the Good Shepherd, a hymn sincere “God save the King” whispers, crystal clear May God’s blessings linger, our hearts endeavor On Remembrance Sunday, uniting us forever.

Harmony’s Ballet: A Poetic Ode to Love and Peace at Gunnersbury

By Fr Nilora SVD Swans dance, love’s gentle emblem, Pigeons coo, heralds of tranquil peace. In harmony, they frolic, a feathered dream, Gunnersbury’s waters, a serene release. Stand for love, a beacon so bright, Pray for peace, in the soft twilight. Harmony weaves, a tranquil art, In the land of heart, let joy depart.

Harmony at Hampton: A Riverside Prayer

By Fr Nilora SVD Beneath the boughs of Garrick’s Lawn I rest, Norris Bishop Marshall’s bench, a timeless crest. Before the chapel, a shrine to the Bard, In Hampton’s embrace, life’s beauty unbarred. Beside the river, a symphony of song, Nature’s chorus, where I belong. The flight of birds, a dance in the sky, Water’s gentle movement, a lullaby. Pleasing to the eyes, this vibrant scene, A portrait of serenity, evergreen. To the soul, a balm, a tranquil hymn, In this haven, my spirit takes a swim. With each passing day, joy’s gentle flow, May it linger and gracefully grow. In the shadows of trees, by the river so fine, I pray for this peace, forever be mine.

Harmony Unveiled: A Sunset Serenade

By Fr Nilora SVD In Hampton’s sunset, I witnessed your grace, A celestial canvas, a masterpiece to embrace. A moment of glory, your creation admired, Nature’s symphony, in the dusk, inspired. A special time unfolds as the sun takes its bow, Embracing the darkness, a celestial vow. In the twilight, your mark is warmly received, Harmony of beauty, a promise believed. The sun’s descent, a ballet in the sky, Painting hues of warmth, a mesmerizing sigh. In this time of sunset, a tranquil delight, Where day and night gracefully unite.