Unity Amidst Memories: A Remembrance Sunday

By Fr Nilora SVD

On Remembrance Sunday, a unity day unfolds

At Isleworth Memorial, our hearts hold

We raise our voices, “O God, our help in ages past”

The gospel echoes beatitude and love that forever last

We pray for leaders guiding our land

For those who harbor ill will, a prayer so grand

Healing wounds from the shadows of the past

Seeking a future where peace and love amass

The trumpet’s melody on this solemn day

Echoes our remembrance in a poignant way

Wreaths and crosses, laid by young and old

Unity prevailing, a story to be told

Singing of the Good Shepherd, a hymn sincere

“God save the King” whispers, crystal clear

May God’s blessings linger, our hearts endeavor

On Remembrance Sunday, uniting us forever.


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