Harmony at Hampton: A Riverside Prayer

By Fr Nilora SVD

Beneath the boughs of Garrick’s Lawn I rest,

Norris Bishop Marshall’s bench, a timeless crest.

Before the chapel, a shrine to the Bard,

In Hampton’s embrace, life’s beauty unbarred.

Beside the river, a symphony of song,

Nature’s chorus, where I belong.

The flight of birds, a dance in the sky,

Water’s gentle movement, a lullaby.

Pleasing to the eyes, this vibrant scene,

A portrait of serenity, evergreen.

To the soul, a balm, a tranquil hymn,

In this haven, my spirit takes a swim.

With each passing day, joy’s gentle flow,

May it linger and gracefully grow.

In the shadows of trees, by the river so fine,

I pray for this peace, forever be mine.


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