A Journey to Unity: Embracing Caravan Life and Togetherness

Burnham-On-Sea Holiday Village, West Country, England

By Fr Nilora SVD

Never did I imagine that one day I would find myself residing in a caravan. Caravans had always been associated in my mind with the “travellers” of Ireland or the “gypsies” in other places. Yet, the opportunity I had never foreseen finally arrived.

Caravan Chronicles: It all began with an invitation from my friends, my fellow parishioners, hailing from the Philippines. They asked me to join them on a holiday at the Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village, which is approximately an hour’s drive from Bristol. Our sojourn lasted from July 17 to July 19, 2006. We comprised four families, including 12 adults and 9 children. With four vehicles, we could comfortably accommodate our group of 21 people. Thankfully, no one was double-sized, although I was often teased by my friends with questions like, “How many months pregnant are you, ’Fr?” Still, I believed I could fit into a single regular seat.

Caravan Comfort: Our accommodation consisted of two caravans, each equipped with two and three beds, communal rooms, kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. We also had conveniences like refrigerators and microwaves. Of course, a TV was not overlooked. It was the perfect setup for a family vacation, and we made sure to bring enough provisions to last us three days.

Activities Galore: Despite the brief duration of our stay, we managed to fill our days with an array of activities. We enjoyed two consecutive nights of barbecues, an absolute delight. We also made daily trips to the swimming pool with the children. Our schedule was further enriched by bowling, pool, and even a bit of “gambling” at the Funworks Amusement Centre (where luck seemed to elude me). We engaged in table tennis and tennis matches, watched children’s dramas, strolled along the beaches of Burnham-on-Sea and Minehead (approximately an hour’s drive from our caravan, the beaches may not have been the cleanest, but the beauty of the people was undeniable), and, of course, spent long evenings sharing stories and prayers (for those who still wished to pray).

Impressions and Blessings: The experience was a testament to the beauty and allure of a holiday spent with young families. The sense of brotherhood, unity, and family was palpable throughout. I can only hope that the ever-loving God continues to pour His blessings upon them.

As Saint Teresa of Calcutta once said, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” This simple caravan holiday allowed us to do just that, and the memories we created will forever be etched in our hearts.

(May 19, 2006)


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