Street Homeless in Dublin (A Foreign Student's Experience)

By Nicodemus Lobo Ratu,SVD An Interesting Encounter It was rainy day in December 1999, on my way home from the Dental hospital, I came across Anthony, a middle-aged homeless man, who was sitting beside a hotel, close to Merrion's Square, Dublin. By chance probably, my feelings made me stop and talk with him. He was not an ordinary homeless because he was selling his collection of poems which was typed in very simple A4 paper. I read his poems and talked with him about them for quite a while. As an example, one of his poems, which I think describe a bit of his life: The Kid I am the kid that stands in the corner And nobody asks him to play I am the kid that stands there Looking at the world passing by I am the kid that cried out in the night And nobody heard a sound I am the kid that found out what pain was like an early age I am the kid that dreamed all dreams And not one came true I am the kid who wants to be loved And knows it will never come true I am the man that knows loneline

A Journey of Faith and Friendship: My Time with KKMK Arnoldus Bekasi

In the fast-paced world of today, where technology connects us across oceans and cultures, it’s often the simple moments of connection that remind us of the beauty of human relationships. As I gazed at the screen displaying photographs of my friends from KKMK in Puncak, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of longing. “I wish I were there,” a British friend of mine remarked, his voice laced with envy. “Why?” I inquired, curious about the source of his yearning. His response, “They are young… I wish we had many of them here,” struck a chord deep within me. For after months spent working in a parish in Bristol, England, the absence of youthful exuberance had left me with a profound sense of “loss.” It is with gratitude in my heart that I reflect on the time I spent assisting at Arnoldus Bekasi Parish in 2004, an experience that brought me in close contact with the vibrant members of KKMK Arnoldus Bekasi. Three in One: Prayer, Charity, and Recreation My immersion into the world of KKMK b

Wanderlust of a Stranger: Love’s Invitation

By Fr Nilora SVD I am but a stranger, In the realm of wonder. Alone, I wander, Through the city of Molly Malone. Yearning to converse with a sparrow, Yet unsure of the how. Longing to stroll upon the sky, Yet questioning the why. Love beckons, saying: “Come, let’s savor wine, Inebriated on potent elixir Divine. Tomorrow, a marvel much like today, Or perhaps, even more so,” it does convey. (Adapted from Isaiah 56:12).