21 February 2008

* What Does Dropping Litter Make You Look Like?

By Nilora

Ads have many faces. They are designed to attract one's attention and therefore hopefully people will buy their particular offers. Ads also can be reminder for people to do things properly and wisely. One of them would be this ad (see the photos)

I find this ad is very funny but at the same time has "very strong message". Every time I see this ad together with other ads, this ad always attracts my attention and always makes me smile. This ad, however, challenges us: If you drop litter, your nose would be look like the person in this ad. And the nose of the person in this ad looks like a pig's snout. In another word, if you drop litter, you are the same as pig. Wow... What a strong message!

Photos: Taken by Nilora Location: The Telephone Box, City Centre Bristol Date: Thursday 7 February 2008

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