17 March 2009

Nobody Wins Anything on Their Own

“Nobody wins anything on their own”, said Sir Bobby Robson during his speech when he received the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award at Sunday’s BBC Sport Personality of the year show in London (9-12-07). In his moving speech he also said, “This award really is an extension and opportunity for me to say thank you very much to everybody that has supported me.”

Sir Bobby gives me a very valuable lesson to learn. My life today is not only my own effort but it is also the result of the sacrifice of many people. We live today because of the sacrifice of others yesterday and today. I become as I am now because of the kindness and the challenge of many people that I have met in my life.

There are some, of course, who challenged and criticized me and then we fell apart. But I think they still play an important role in my life. They helped me in their own ways to shape my own life, my own destiny.

There are others who have challenged and criticized me in very strong ways and yet we are still supporting each other. In them I find true friendship. I find that they are not criticising me for the sake of criticising but for my own good. Sometimes we have arguments, sometimes we have heated discussions, sometimes we have strong words and have different opinions and yet we keep our friendship.

Sir Bobby’s recognition of the help of others in his career makes me realize again today that nobody is an island. Each of us needs others. I would like, therefore, to say thank you to each one of us that I have met in the “real life” and I have met in the “on-line world”. I thank you very much for your kindness and your challenge. I thank you for my yesterday. I thank you for my today and I thank you for my tomorrow which is unknown and in the hand of my Creator, my God.

(By Nilora)

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